Improve Face Masked Interactions using reStickable Photos

Face masks can make people feel hesitant, anxious, and apprehensive.  They impede “service with a smile” and make interactions between businesses and their customers less personal and more transactional.   Countering this with an easy-to-display reStickable photo of smiling, unmasked employees upon entry or at the point of sale can help put everyone at ease,  better connect and improve the overall customer experience. 

reStickable photos (aka “reStickitys”) adhere to any surface (like plexiglass or the back of a checkout monitor).  They can be easily removed and adjusted, won’t cause surface damage and are reusable.  

reStickitys come in 4 sizes: 4x4, 5x7, 8x10 & 12x18.

reStickity Employee Headshot examples

How to Order

How to order a reStickity of your Employee


reStickity tiered pricing