About Us

Our Motivation

Adversity.  We all go through it.  Sometimes it’s a little blip in the road.  Other times it causes a full fledged detour or brings us to a screeching halt with no options.  

What keeps us going?  What brings us comfort when we need it most?  What stimulates conversation? People and pets.  It’s simple and it’s what reStickity is all about.  We bring the memories, the good times and the milestones front and center.  Making them easy to take along and display, without regard to space, distance or location.  

Our Inspiration

My daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  We were terrified. Her sterile hospital rooms made everyone feel lonely and disconnected.  So we surrounded her with pictures, but it wasn’t a place for frames. Tape and sticky tack didn’t last.  Pictures ended up on the floor. We kept changing rooms. Pictures stuck together and were damaged when pulled apart, or lost.  She beat cancer. TWICE! Life resumed.

Next came college.  Pictures were printed and arranged in frames.  Dorm rooms were small and wall damage costly. Dismantling and storage became sticky and cumbersome.

Then our family started spreading out.  Everyone couldn’t be together to celebrate life’s milestones.  Digital pictures remain on phones and computers and aren’t easy for our less tech savvy family members to share and enjoy.

Our Answer:  reStickity – photos with moxie.  Easy to Order.  Easy to Display.  Easy to reStick.

Our Goal

Gift a reStickity to children facing long-term hospitalized care.

Our Location

reStickity's headquarters and all printing and order fulfillment is done in Rochester, New York.  Please email Yo_Adrian@reStickity.com with questions.